-In the beautiful Hocking Hills

Red Door Lodging




 what is in a name?


        The significance of a Red Door on a dwelling is well documented through out history.

In early American history, A Red Door on a home meant "Welcome". Family homes with red front doors meant tired travelers were welcome to stay there safely for the night.

In Feng Shui, a Red Door would create welcome energy.

In some religous places, walking through a Red Door meant you were on Holy ground, and some believe it would provide occupants protection from Evil.

We chose our brand based on these beliefs and principles.  

          " The Red Door Lodging family invites you to stay with us for a safe, fun, relaxing time and we look forward to serving your vacation lodging needs"

Support local small businesses

       We are a local family owned and operated company proudly serving your lodging needs. We hope you have a wonderful time visiting the Hocking Hills, all the while enjoying the abundance of natural creations and utilizing the many great and unique local businesses in the area during your stay.

                                                                                                                                          -Thank You